Bamboosall Fun Ball

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“The bamboosall® is the ultimate backyard cricket ball. The varying weights create swing while the exaggerated seam promotes cut and spin off the pitch. Made from a dense compound rubber that creates a similar bounce to a leather ball.

The bamboosall® is not only safe to use but is also a fabulous training aid.”

The bamboosall® has been specifically designed with all cricketers in mind.

The fun safe ball also doubles as a fabulous TRAINING AID as it enhances your ability to play the moving ball as a batsman and deliver the ball correctly as a bowler.

A lot of testing has gone into creating this perfect backyard ball. The bamboosall® weighs around 100 grams with a weight difference of 15 grams which creates a perfect swinging delivery when bowled correctly with the seam straight up.

An average rubber ball weighs 90 grams with a tennis ball weighing approximately 65 grams. The 100 gram ball allows older players to bowl with more pace while still being safe for younger players. A dense compound rubber has been used to create similar bounce to a cricket ball.

The exaggerated seam promotes spin & cut off the pitch. Bowlers are able to get a better grip on the ball and, in-turn, rip it easily.

*Please BE AWARE that the bamboosall® is not suitable for beach cricket as the bounce from the dense compound rubber will be dull when the ball is wet or cold.


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