Opro Silver Junior Mouthguard

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The best fitting and highest retention mouthguards you can buy.
The mouthguard in the world. The revolutionary design offers maximum protection and unprecedented comfort if you closely follow the detailed fitting procedures.
A blow to the lower face sends shock waves through the skull.
A direct impact can fracture the front teeth and/or cause a
concussion. However a typical strike to the lower jaw (shown left)
slams the jaws together and the sudden impact of the fairly
sharp-edged lower teeth into the back of the upper teeth is like a
chisel, causing a fracture of the upper front <span style="\\\&quot;font-style:" italic;\\\"="">teeth. Furthermore the
shock of the jaws crashing together can lead to a fracture of the
jaw, or will travel through the lower jaw and jaw joint (TMJ) into
the base of the skull leading to a concussion.

Durable outer layer for enhanced impact protection
Unique Oprofin technology
Flexible inner layer for comfort and fit

Colours: Yellow/Orange and Blue/Orange.

Warranty $14,000

Up to 9 years of age. Improved protection and retention. Two materials.
Tough outer shell, soft lining with 8 self-forming fins.


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