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It?s imperative that you prepare your new cricket bat before use. Failure to do this will result in premature damage to your bat which may not be covered under your warranty.

At Sporty?s Warehouse we have one of only a few machines specially built for this purpose to save you time and effort and it does a very precise knock in on the face of the bat. That will leave just the edges for you to do which we suggest approximately 1 hour to each edge in total. If you decide to do it all yourself then we suggest you spend 6-8 hours on the face plus the time suggested previously on the edges.

The tools required to knock in a bat are what we call a ball mallet or just a plain mallet. These tools will imitate a ball hitting the surface of the bat and compacting the skin of the bat to knit the timber fibres together, thus creating a nice hard surface. Be careful not to start hitting too hard as you may damage the bat. Start lightly tapping and gradually get harder. You will see the timber compacting as you go.

In most cases, yes. Any bat that has a natural finish must be oiled before use. Raw Linseed oil will keep the willow from drying and becoming prone to splitting. It will also help to repel any moisture getting into the bat, especially in the toe area. Initially you should apply 4-6 light coats and then just check weekly by running your fingernail up the bat to see if it draws any oil onto your nail. If it does then your bat has sufficient oil for now.

Extratec Face ? Protection from surface cracking. Shoe Goo ? Helps prevent water getting into toe area which causes the bat to swell. Toe Guard ? Again helps eliminate moisture in the toe and protects the toe from wear and tear. Bat Covers ? Keeps the blade clean while not in use and also stops getting oil on other things in your bag.

The warranty offered by manufacturers is only the ?goodwill? between all bat manufacturers that results in a replacement or a cost free repair on a bat which has suffered damage believed not to be the customers fault. There is no warranty on bats with surface cracks, damaged edges or toes. A bat is designed for the ball to be hit within the sweet spot of the blade. A shot resulting in damage to the edge or toe of the bat is the users fault. The manufacturer requires proof of purchase to qualify for a warranty inspection. Warranties do not cover: ? Dampness ? Playing in wet conditions can result in layered cracks and swelling at the base of the bat. ? Face & Edge Cracks ? These cracks are not the result of defective willow or faulty workmanship. Their appearance is accentuated by inadequate preparation prior to subjecting the bat to hard use. ? Surface Cracks ? Are small cracks which will appear on all bats after a longer period of use. Their appearance on NEW bats are a direct result of the willow being under prepared.(Not oiled or knocked in properly)


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