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The Limited Edition version of the Elite 5 comes with an 18 shot selection touch control panel, whereas the standard version only has 6 shots to choose from;

Simply said, the Elite Grandslam V LE is the most cutting edge battery tennis ball machine available. It offers customizable drills. You can program 18 shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate. The shot sequences are infinite. While the Elite Grandslam IV offers 6 pre-programmed drills, the Elite Grandslam V LE offers six additional drills.

Fully Programmable


The Elite Grandslam V LE offers cutting edge technology allowing you to program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate, too. The variations of shots are infinite. Create personalized drills capable of simulating true match play. Anyone can transform the weak points of their game into areas of complete domination.

Fully Random Oscillation with Random Speed & Spin

The Grandslam V LE offers a revolutionary design allows the machine to throw balls throughout the entire spectrum of the court mixing up speed, spin, trajectory and oscillation. This fully random technological advancement allows for the Grandslam V to realistically simulate true match play, a feature that is unsurpassed by any portable tennis ball machine on the market.

12 Pre-Programmed Drills

The Grandslam V LE offers 12 pre-programmed drills (the first 3 are available on the Elite IV also):


The Grinder Drill

The Grinder tries to wear down their opponents physically and mentally, waiting for the other player to make a crucial mistake. This player hits high, loopy, moderate spin shots that will challenge all players.

A six ball drill that utilizes the back court with different types of spin.


Power Baseliner Drill

The Power Baseliner is a player who is explosive in their shot selection, playing with pace and aggression and minimal spin. This player exhibits an attacking style, known as "first strike" tennis.

A six ball drill that utilizes full back court with little spin and more ball speed.


All-Courter Drill

The All-Courter is a player type that focuses their game on tactical savvy. He/she can compete well from the baseline and will come to the net to finish points. When playing this type of player, expect a great deal of shot variety.

A six ball drill that utilizes both full back court and front court with some top spin and less ball speed.






Forehand Plus Drill

The Forehand Plus drill throws balls with moderate topspin and more arc giving the player more time to set-up for a forehand shot. This drill will accentuate the player's dominant forehand stroke while maintaining proper court position.

A six ball drill challenging the player to maintain dominant court position by using their forehand for every shot.





Attack/Defend Drill

The Attack/Defend drill throws balls using greater ball speed and minimal spin making the player move in and out of the corners and across the baseline quickly. This drill will put emphasis on the mental and physical aspects needed to both attack and defend against your opponent's shots.

A six ball drill designed to teach a player to move in all directions from the baseline.





Approach Drill

The Approach drill throws balls with various spins and arcs aimed for the player to approach into the court after playing an aggressive ball. This drill will promote correct approach and net position, along with the proper covering of the line.

A six ball drill emphasizing the approach from behind the baseline into the front court with balance and speed.





Beginner Drill

Beginners need encouragement and success. This 6-ball drill is meant to help beginners improve and build confidence. Balls are fed into the middle 50% of the court, at slow to medium speed and land in the area between the service line and 9 feet in front of the baseline. Beginners should try to hit all 6 balls to land past the service line on the opposite side of the net.

A more challenging variation is for the hitter to call out which side of the court they are aiming for (crosscourt or down the line) before striking each ball. Hit 6 balls and then pause the machine to simulate a relatively long point.


Intermediate Drill

Intermediates need to be challenged to reach more advanced levels. This 6-ball drill will help intermediates improve their court coverage and execute a variety of shots. The goal for the hitter is to land all 6 balls behind the service line with 4 of the 6 balls to land in the deep half of the backcourt area as shown in the diagram. Hit only 6 balls at a time and then pause the machine to simulate a relatively long point.

A more challenging variation is for the hitter to call out which side of the court they are aiming for (crosscourt or down the line) before striking each ball.


Advanced Drill

Advanced players need to be challenged by pace and placement to reach even more advanced levels. This drill is designed to help advanced players develop higher shot tolerance while learning to quickly identify "opportunity" balls that can be attacked.

Hit at least 2 balls into a right-handed opponent's backhand court, then on the next relatively short ball fed from the machine, attack that ball with an inside-in forehand to the opponent's forehand side. Hit it crosscourt or run around a backhand to execute this shot.

The only rule is the machine is only allowed to feed 6 balls in each sequence before being paused. Therefore the hitter will be pressured to look for the first opportunity ball to attack on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th ball fed.


Lefty Drill

The Lefty is great practise if you ever need to play a left-handed player. Most left-handers have strong forehands groundstrokes and strong backhand volleys. They do however have weaker slice backhand groundstrokes and have trouble with low forehand volleys.

This drill will simulate that experience so you'll prepared for anything on court!





Moonballer Drill

The Moonballer requires patience and a good midcourt swinging volley to move forwards and finish the points.

Also, don't be afraid to move back and let the high bouncing ball drop to a more comfortable height.





Slicer Drill

The Slicer chops their groundstrokes, keeping the ball low and hard to return. To play a "slicer" remember to bend your knees a little lower than normal and minimize unforced errors. Be prepared for a very long match when versing a slicer!

These players are usually very steady and will move you all around the court.





3-Line Function
Narrow, Medium & Wide



In addition, the Grandslam V LE is equipped with the most extensive 3-Line function found today. With its three versatile positional settings; Narrow, Medium, and Wide, you can groove your forehand and backhand ground strokes or use it as a great way to warm up your shots.

Cutting Edge LCD Control Panel

The Grandslam V LE is also equipped with the most revolutionary control panel and found today. The "Lexan" control panel utilizes "touch-buttons" instead of dials, knobs, and switches. It also has a digital LCD screen which allows you to view all menu selections and settings.

For operation of the machine while "on the fly", the Grandslam V LE has an optional 15-function wireless remote control available. The state-of-the-art compact controller allows you to adjust every function of the machine with just a push of a button. Enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like; play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more.


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