Sidearm Elite as used by many professional coaches the Sidearm Elite can provide a level of fast paced quality batting practice that is impossible to better. Where previously a very talented bowler would have had to run-up 20 or 25 yards to bowl a ball of similar quality, now a skilled coach can provide swinging and seaming deliveries up to 85mph to really iron out any flaw or defects in a batsman's game. This is the Sidearm for players who want to face 55mph+ deliveries.


Directions for use:

  • Store your Sidearm above 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Place a ball in the cup of the sidearm, aligning the seam to follow the line of the groove and slit.
  • Place the ball in the Sidearm by hand, rather than by forcing the ball into the cup directly from the ground.
  • Throw the ball using a normal throwing action, keeping the sidearm perpendicular to the ground.
  • The release point of the ball should be governed by bringing the wrist through in a throwing action; not by stopping the sidearm mid-action to flick' the ball out.

Product Safety Instructions: The speed of delivery generated by the Sidearm could be dangerous if used inappropriately. Please follow the safety guidelines below: Always wear a batting helmet when facing the sidearm. Always throw from the full length of a cricket pitch. Always throw some practice deliveries at the start of a session with no batsman to gauge the direction and pace generated by the Sidearm. Players under 15 years of age should be under adult supervision when using the Sidearm.


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